Priced per person (minimum 15 people)

Choice of Smoked BBQ meat and 3 sides items$11.99
Choice of 2 Smoked BBQ meats and 3 sides items$13.99
Choice of 3 Smoked BBQ meats and 3 sides items$16.00

Smoked BBQ Meat Choices:

Pulled PorkPulled ChickenCarved TurkeyBeef Brisket

St. Louis ribs – Additional $2.49 per person

Side Choices:

Smoked Baked BeansTraditional Mac ‘N’ CheeseCreamy Cole Slaw
Grandma’s Potato SaladHomestyle Green Beans

Additional Sides add $1.99 per person

Each Jack’s Pack includes: Sandwich Buns or Slider Rolls, 2 or 3 types of BBQ Sauce, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Utensils, Napkins and Plates.  

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** Additional fee will be added for delivery locations farther than 10 miles. **

** Prices subject to change **